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Kanayas Diary


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Hello! owo This is a blog run by emmieblah about Kanaya's diary that Rose gave her. Feel free to send some diary entries in the ask, just start it with "Dear Diary" and please, please please make sure that it is in Kanaya's quirk!!!!! Otherwise it won't be accepted (sorry)

P.S. if you have any questions/comments, send them to my main acount (emmieblah) please! :D))
Aug 21 '14

heelllooo is anyone going to animerev in canadiana? I am. Yeah. I hope you have a good time

Jul 22 '14


Taken from Kanayas Diary ( 
Follow it, it’s an excellent blog


Jul 22 '14

I Honestly Did Not Know How To Respond To The Situation So I Buried The Book In The Backyard…… I Hope That Was The Right Thing To Do

Jul 9 '14

i was just curious….. i was thinking of possibly doing commissions sometime soon so that i could pay for some things (cosplay) but i wanted to know if anyone would actually be interested since i’ve never done this before??? i have an art blog if you guys would like to check it out and it would be awesome if you guys could give me some feedback!!

Jun 30 '14

It Was Still A Nice Experience Though
((I’m finally done with high school, wooo!!))

Jun 26 '14

((thank you for all the congrats messages it means a lot ;w; i’m so nervous omg but anyway i also wanted to say wow thank you for 10,000+ followers???? that’s insane????? i…..i’m speechless!!!!!

thank you thank you thanhk you thakntkan i can’t say it enough times but seriously thANK YOU!!!!!!))

May 17 '14

Dear Diary
It Has Been Two Years Since Rose Gave Me This Diary And I Still Continue To Fill It Out With All Of My Shenanigans
I Should Thank Rose Later For Adding Such An Important Item Into My Life

((Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Kanaya`s Diary, thank you all for your support! Also props to modtea for giving me the idea to redraw the very first post I’ve made on this blog. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!))